Disclaimer: The events and characters depicted in our comics are, of course, wholly fictional. Cleaving to the tropes of the genre you will, for example, sometimes find violent, criminal villains commonly opposed by law abiding, peace-loving, moral heroes.

Though one feels like a complete idiot for even having to say it: naturally we do not endorse the typically fabulous or cartoon-like activities appearing in the wholly fantastical world we have created, whether performed by our heroes or our, frequently over-the-top, cartoon villains.

No serious person, of course, has ever had or ever will have such questions for Jack Kirby, J.R.R Tolkien, Richard Wright, Henry Miller, Philip Roth, George Lucas, Sam Peckinpah, Frank Miller, Thomas Harris,Tom Clancy, Antoine Fuqua, Joel Surnow, Quentin Tarantino, Lars Von Trier, Eli Roth, Tony Kaye or “Kool G Rap.”

The depiction of Magneto, The Green Goblin, Thanos, Apocalypse, Red Skull, Hydra, Lex Luther, Bane, The Penguin, Frank Miller’s Batman or even Hitler, in Marvel and DC comics, are all understood in the manner they were presumably intended, as fictional depictions and not endorsements of any imaginable real life equivalents. This remains true even when such fictional people and events are conceivable in the real world.  

Nevertheless, we strongly and wholeheartedly disavow the actions and moral character of Darth Vader, Sauron and The Terminator.  

We feel strongly that a child or adult should never aspire to violently oppress the entire galaxy with lasers and spaceships.

We urge children and adults never to destroy the peace-loving Hobbits with magical rings forged in hell fire. 

Likewise we insist that no child or adult ever wipe out human life on the planet in the form of a time-traveling cyborg.

(Though we do think all three of these villains are cool characters.)  

Black Sun, a Cartoon Villain who no one in the Galaxy believes to be real or a good role model.
Red Skull, an inspiration for Black Sun, who no one in the Galaxy believes to be real or a good role model. Capiche?