About Hyperborean Planet

Hyperborean Planet was formed to address the need for non-lame, non-garbage parable creation in comic books or otherwise. The so-called “Silver Age” in comic book development was in truth the “Golden Age.” Stan Lee, whatever his flaws, was, plainly, the most inventive and original creator in comics.

However, before the American comic book hit its stride in the mid to late 60s, there were the pulp writers. The best of them, in our opinion, were Robert E. Howard (inventor of Conan), H.P. Lovecraft (inventor of the Cthulhu Mythos) and, finally, Ian Fleming (inventor of James Bond).

Where Stan Lee was a master of encoding profound and mythic meanings in simple-seeming and unassuming characters, these other guys were masters of style. Our goal is to draw inspiration from both approaches, ideally, distilling the best of both.

Robert E. Howard, /our guy/.

Our stories, while they may occasionally get dark (in the Lovecraftian manner) are not overly moody, they don’t shout, “we are profound” and they certainly aren’t “emo.” That stuff is boring as hell as everyone knows. Not to mention vaguely demoralizing.

To the extent our stories are “profound” you may have to look closely and we encourage you to do precisely this. Because, yes, they are very “interesting.” What they are, regardless, is fun, funny, action-packed, serious, mysterious, kickass and, of course, in the spirit of Robert E. Howard (R.I.P), badass. They also, in the spirit of these older artists, don’t really GAF. In a word, they are Hyperborean.

But it’s up to you, you can keep consuming that other stuff (and, frankly, let it consume you). Or you can read one of our comics and start to feel really good about the world and a coming, inevitable Renaissance. More you can be a patron of it. And you just thought you were reading a comic.

We begin this journey with the superhero Seraph and the Villain Black Sun. However the well is very, very deep. Perhaps inexhaustible. It is a veritable pantheon yearning for freedom to inspire young men and women across the planet to decency, heroism and a new bright future. It is the “old” mythos in new brilliant, enchanting colors. Because there is nothing so powerful as myth. Please help us release “the Hyperborean Gods.” We are not just on this planet for fun, after all. Even if we do require this joy for success. Buy our latest here.