The Making of Seraph Part #1: Seraph The Concept

Donald Kent and I shared a dream: to make great comics. Because frankly comics suck now- a-days. It’s a trend and one that’s well advanced in comic movies as well. No need to go into specifics. But…eh, why the hell not?

Natalie Portman as the new Thor? Of course it’s much, much deeper than that.

Even Gaiman is treading all the same ground albeit more pretentiously (not that a little “pretentiousness” is always bad). Alan Moore has produced some interesting work, of course, but his final ambivalence actually gives even a guy like Stan Lee the distinct advantage.

Lee at least appears to know what side he’s on. Mike Mignola’s Hellboy? Granted he’s a fantastic artist but ultimately it’s the standard, modern veneration of the Chthonic, a nearly ubiquitous practice in comic books. In short it’s all just gotten very boring.

Seraph’s bad ass hidden suit room. Not gratuitous. Girls go through guy’s stuff.

Of course Kent and I wanted to make comics that were also great. Our ideas on this front are unlimited – there is in fact perhaps not enough time on this planet to enact them all. But we had to start somewhere. And the sooner the better. Because the filmmakers of the future will need something and at this rate, they’ve got close to zilch.

And when they have “something”…eh…let’s just say you may not always want to be exposing your mind to that sort of thing let alone the minds of loved ones…however well made it might be. Especially if it is well made.

And really its not about being a prude at all, quite the contrary, it’s more about not wanting to be the psychological whipping post of every…er “guy” in Hollywood. It’s about maybe not seeing YOURSELF as the evil villain, loser or ass in every flipping film, subtly or explicitly. Let’s be honest, even when they do appear to throw a bone (increasingly rare), reading the fine print almost aways reveals it’s a bone you don’t want to chew.

So we began with Seraph. The details of Seraph’s backstory and the nature and extent of his powers and ability are to be revealed in the comic series so only a glimpse can be provided here. What we can say is that he’s part of some letter “deep state” government agency that tracks “Atypicals”…you know superhero or super villain-like dudes that have powers and can kick unusual levels of ass. The Seraph as well, for reasons that will be revealed, can himself open the proverbial can of superhero whoop-ass. Of course. What is he going to be a wuss? Standard stuff, except…really, really not.

It is true that in someways Seraph is an unassuming superhero but this may be because he is also, in the end, quintessential, definitive. Indeed, Seraph tells that story not yet told, a story that is nevertheless a deeply common story, palpably felt by millions if not billions of us. There are, of course, more layers to him than those you will perceive at first glance. But what you find at the center, you will find familiar.

Plus with Secret Agent Seraph we wanted to give a shout out and fist pound to our “deep state” bros. When they go “praetorian,” they’ll know at least Kent and I had a nuanced view. LOL. Hey the feds are people too. Doubtlessly, like Seraph, they also have their conflicts. Doubtlessly, like Seraph, they too may one day do good.

Grab our comic here. Enjoy.

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