Current Issue: The Seraph Issue #1

Welcome to Hyperborean Planet home to comics like Seraph. Hyperborean Planet is pleased to announce the release of The Seraph, the beginning of an exciting new comic series. Below sets the stage:

In 2020 the world is deeply polarized and a gravely uncertain future looms. Villains like the Black Sun and Boa have emerged, “Atypicals” mutated by a mysterious element called Bacchium. The first is a hulking “Atypical” armed with the Sonnenrad, a blinding device. Apparently he is devoted wholly to the overthrow and destruction of multiculturalism and liberal democracy. The second is a seducer and constrictor committed to the consumption and destruction of all that is just, fair and good. And they are not the only villains that will appear. Rather this element of Bacchium appears to have created quite a mess in this species we generally call human. 

More than any time before, it is time for heroes, true heroes. Enter The Seraph, a mysterious helmed man of seemingly invincible fighting prowess and wielding a mysterious sword of light. Backed by a “deep state” agency, his power appears to come from a different source entirely. After all, unlike his enemies, he is a man committed to fighting evil…but then again, what exactly, is evil?

Buy or download for free here.

Watch promo video below:

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